Tuesday, February 21, 2017

True Passions

     One thing I have learned as I talk to people, is that I absolutely love to listen to someone talk about their passions... Why? Because you get to see where they place their heart! The way their eyes sparkle and the growing smile as they talk about their hobby, families, activities or whatever they are passionate about. Personally I always want to be known as a person of passion. Not only in the obvious areas, but in the little things! To me, passion isn't just about the "things" we love but our everyday life! 
     There are so many different definitions of passion in the dictionary. The first is the suffering of Christ. Quite honestly many would wonder why on earth that would be the FIRST thing that is stated as passion? For me I think of passion as a near overwhelming love for something, and acting on it. How is that different? For some reason God has such an overwhelming love for us that He acted selflessly and gave of Himself, His only son Jesus Christ. So that He would suffer unimaginable pain to take our sins away so that we might know Him as our savior. All because our Lord is PASSIONATE about us!!!! 
      As a human being all I can think about is all of the faults I have. All of my wrongs, the weaknesses, thoughts and all the reasons why I do not deserve what He has done for me. The clumsy, quirky 18 year old who hasn't done anything near worthy of His unconditional, passionate love. Yet, He still tells me that I am the daughter of the high king and I was created by the perfect creator. That is an idea I cannot possibly wrap my mind around. 
To think about the passions I myself have and the way that they drive to further my love for them, its hard for me to think He looks as me with that same sparkle in His all seeing eyes. Or the way I can feel Him as He smiles when I talk with my precious Savior, or look at the stars in awe of His beautiful creation. In no way could I fully give back to Him what He has done for me, everything I am is because of something the Lord has done! The only thing I can even try to do is give back my life for His perfect will and not my own. 
If someone truly knows me, they probably know what I am passionate about through my conversation, hopefully through my actions as well. I believe the Lord gives us all certain things we are passionate about, some about children, some for sports or some with multiple passions. 
      My passions are the feelings I get as the bow moves across the strings of my violin while pressing down my calloused fingers on the finger board. Or as my fingers glide across the familiar black and white keys while my eyes follow the notes on a page, as the piano makes the desired sounds. Looking at people while strumming the guitar and singing songs that I pray God uses to touch hearts in a way only He can. 

Nothing comes close to the feeling of ministering, sharing His words, and not my own, knowing that somehow and someway His presence is working. Using the fire that burns inside, filled with passion, my heart is so burdened for those who do not know the one who created them. So many people go through life not knowing of the passion that God has for their hearts and He longs for them to know Him. So many times as I think about how we are preparing to go to Mozambique that it honestly is not as hard to think about giving up "things" for Him, when I think of His love for me. He gave everything for me! How can I not give Him the life that HE created?
      Even though I feel an overwhelming love for all these passions God has given, I know that nothing compares to His amazing passion for us. Each day no matter what we do, He has an overwhelming love that burns for every single one of His children, as well as those who do not know Him as their Savior. 

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