Thursday, October 19, 2017


One thing that keeps flooding my mind over the last couple of days is “I get to”....
For me it’s such an amazing yet humbling thought that "I GET TO" live my life for Christ. That every single day, my feet hit the floor and I know I am a daughter of the King. That I have another day to live and show the amazing love that comes from the Lord. That “I GET TO” experience new things every day becuase HE wanted to bless me and watch the smile they bring.

That He has given me talents to use for HIS glory and "I GET TO" use them when HE gives the opportunities.
Now I could go on forever on how we "GET TO" live for Christ on positives. But what about the times life hits? The times of crises, of hurt, of loneliness, and so many more situations we go through.
Changing the perspective to “the Lord loves me enough that I "GET TO" go through this time of loneliness, Becuase while I may not have many people I am finding the need to dig deeper in the word and grow closer to my loving savior.”
That “I GET TO” go through this life, experiencing both joy and sorrow knowing that I have the amazing love of the Lord.
There are so many that don’t.
I cannot imagine going through life without knowing I’m in the hands of my creator. But people do!!! So many. My heart burns for them. Which brings me to my favorite .. “I GET TO” tell the world of the unconditional love of Christ!!!!
How amazing is that!? 

If you know the Lord; YOU CAN TOO!! Why should we keep something so amazing to ourselves?
That is one of my biggest prayers, “Lord please don’t let me take advantage of even ONE day.. Show me how I can share your beautiful name in some way today.”

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

True Passions

     One thing I have learned as I talk to people, is that I absolutely love to listen to someone talk about their passions... Why? Because you get to see where they place their heart! The way their eyes sparkle and the growing smile as they talk about their hobby, families, activities or whatever they are passionate about. Personally I always want to be known as a person of passion. Not only in the obvious areas, but in the little things! To me, passion isn't just about the "things" we love but our everyday life! 
     There are so many different definitions of passion in the dictionary. The first is the suffering of Christ. Quite honestly many would wonder why on earth that would be the FIRST thing that is stated as passion? For me I think of passion as a near overwhelming love for something, and acting on it. How is that different? For some reason God has such an overwhelming love for us that He acted selflessly and gave of Himself, His only son Jesus Christ. So that He would suffer unimaginable pain to take our sins away so that we might know Him as our savior. All because our Lord is PASSIONATE about us!!!! 
      As a human being all I can think about is all of the faults I have. All of my wrongs, the weaknesses, thoughts and all the reasons why I do not deserve what He has done for me. The clumsy, quirky 18 year old who hasn't done anything near worthy of His unconditional, passionate love. Yet, He still tells me that I am the daughter of the high king and I was created by the perfect creator. That is an idea I cannot possibly wrap my mind around. 
To think about the passions I myself have and the way that they drive to further my love for them, its hard for me to think He looks as me with that same sparkle in His all seeing eyes. Or the way I can feel Him as He smiles when I talk with my precious Savior, or look at the stars in awe of His beautiful creation. In no way could I fully give back to Him what He has done for me, everything I am is because of something the Lord has done! The only thing I can even try to do is give back my life for His perfect will and not my own. 
If someone truly knows me, they probably know what I am passionate about through my conversation, hopefully through my actions as well. I believe the Lord gives us all certain things we are passionate about, some about children, some for sports or some with multiple passions. 
      My passions are the feelings I get as the bow moves across the strings of my violin while pressing down my calloused fingers on the finger board. Or as my fingers glide across the familiar black and white keys while my eyes follow the notes on a page, as the piano makes the desired sounds. Looking at people while strumming the guitar and singing songs that I pray God uses to touch hearts in a way only He can. 

Nothing comes close to the feeling of ministering, sharing His words, and not my own, knowing that somehow and someway His presence is working. Using the fire that burns inside, filled with passion, my heart is so burdened for those who do not know the one who created them. So many people go through life not knowing of the passion that God has for their hearts and He longs for them to know Him. So many times as I think about how we are preparing to go to Mozambique that it honestly is not as hard to think about giving up "things" for Him, when I think of His love for me. He gave everything for me! How can I not give Him the life that HE created?
      Even though I feel an overwhelming love for all these passions God has given, I know that nothing compares to His amazing passion for us. Each day no matter what we do, He has an overwhelming love that burns for every single one of His children, as well as those who do not know Him as their Savior. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Love Like Theirs

"Therefore what God has joined together, no one can separate."  -Mark 10:9

In some of my past post I have talked about my life, my family and waiting for the one God is preparing for me. One thing I have not mentioned enough, is how I understood what love was. 
My entire life I have had the privilege of being raised by two of the most amazing, Godly parents who love each other with everything they are.
As a really young girl, I would watch my father, go off in his big truck to work hard all day to provide for my family. While I was at home with momma, she would teach my brother, sister and I many different lessons, not only from textbooks, but how to cook, clean and take care of ourselves and others. 
I always enjoyed the moments when daddy would come home and we would run up to hug him as he walked into the house to kiss mom. 

Most people think that little kids imagine a kiss as a gross thing, but for me it was a small comfort and security, knowing that they were not afraid to show their love.
As I have grown older I have come realize just how amazingly blessed I am to have that! To have two parents under the same roof, who adore and love each other. 
Day by day I try not to take this for granted, instead I study the way that my dad serves my mother, or the way my mom hugs him to tell him how amazing he is. These are moments that I cherish and learn from. 
I am a firm believer in the thought that the way parents train and raise a child can change the world through their example. So even when there is music on and my parents try to dance together but end up just laughing, those moments are so important!
Some of my favorite things I love about their relationship is their walk with Christ as "one".  I cannot possibly count how many times I have walked in and found them, hand in hand in the presence of God. 
There are no words to express what this means to me, seeing both my parents not only love each other but love the Lord even more. As Matthew 18:20 says: "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."  Watching this practiced over and over again, it helped in creating the habit in my own life of spending time in His presence.  
Even as my father was laying in bed for days at a time with chronic Lyme, he suffered for many years, all the while my mother stood strong and my dad even though he couldn't do much still showed his affection for all of us. Many times he would sacrifice his own strength to first get up and do something with my siblings and I, then gently rub my mothers shoulders and ask how she was. These moments are ones that were the most comforting. So many times, when things were stressful and chaotic, it was their love not only for us, but the love for each other that kept me stable.
Through the years after that, I think of the different roles they play not only in my life but their own. 
From the very beginning of my parents lives together, ministry was the center. As they met and started dating, the entire foundation of their relationship was on the Lord.
Serving in the ministry and pastors as a team, everything they did was not for their glory but His.
One of things that I find most amazing about them, is that they not only are husband and wife, but partners in all that they do. Both having near opposite greatnesses and weaknesses, God used that to make them both stronger as they fit like perfectly made puzzle pieces. 
As we recently have been going places to speak about our call to be missionaries to Mozambique, Africa, once again I see 
different parts of how God truly made them for each other as soul-mates. As they both are able to use their gifts, and it not benefits whatever project they are working on, but amplifies their talents. Because I have watched them both, as I have grown older I admired them, for all that they do and stand for.
There are many things that stem off of their amazing love, but right now for me the most prominent is the example of what I want for my future.
If someone were to ask what I wanted in a man, my first response would be; "a love like theirs." My parents have always had a huge influence what I wanted for my life, but this has to be one of many that I take as important. 
My father has set the bar high as to how I should expect to be treated, how do I know? Because of the many years I have watched how he treated my mother. He has one of the hugest servants heart I have ever seen, and he respects my mom to the highest level. I also know a little bit of how I can only try to love my future husband as my mother has loved, respected and served my father. 
One of the biggest things they have taught me about loving each other, is that it's not about the bells and whistles but about honoring God first, then lifting each other up before themselves. 
For now, I learn each and every day something new, even as I'm older, the lessons change but I still learn something from their devotion and adoration daily.
God has a special plan, but for now I simply pray that someday I will have "a love like theirs."

Monday, July 25, 2016


         Webster defines optimism as hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. I would interpret it as a strong belief that something good will happen in the future, and expect it to come about. Using the half glass full analogy, perfectly describes what it is like to be optimistic. Although, sometimes frowned upon in some situations; because many see optimism as not showing hurt, or sadness, especially when it’s expected. Being joyful doesn’t mean hurts and pains are not felt, only that it’s a choice to let the good be seen in all situations. Happiness for an optimistic person is not only a character trait but a critical part of everyday life.
     Making any situation brighter is a talent that some are born with, but others achieve it by going through situations, that need sunshine on a cloudy day.  Everyone has the gift of optimism, but learning how to use it, is harder then it appears. Using this tool, once acquired can help with true success in life. Optimism is a mental attitude which can find any little good thing in life that makes dealing with hard things easier.

     The definition of optimism mentions confidence in a successful future; this is a key to optimism. Knowing a situation, having confidence how it will end is something that will bring hope to those surrounding them. By changing the state of mind to a more positive outlook, the end result can be changed. A true optimist can transform any gloomy attitude into a sunny disposition by using this special gift of joy. For those who attain this positive trait, and charismatic personality, is sure to stand out and receive both encouragement and opposition.

          Pessimism is the opposite of optimism. Literally meaning, “A tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; a lack of hope or confidence in the future.”  The world cannot work peacefully without a balance of both optimism and pessimism. There will always be opposition, as people don’t understand how to be positive when it seems impossible to find anything good. When someone is cheerful through a hard time, people tend to believe that they don’t have any other emotions.
    When an internal optimist goes through something, they experience every pain and hurt. However, they choose to display joy in every little detail; including the bigger trials of life. Everything an optimist does, or looks at, has a positive twist. Looking around, I see less and less of this special gift being used as the Creator intended. Optimism is being hidden because of the attention it brings to one’s self. Staying positive is not something that is easy either. Every day, is a choice to be grateful for everything and love life as it is.
      Optimism influences our daily lives as we choose to make circumstances better with every decision that is made. As we laugh and make people smile, it is a choice to be cheerful and charismatic. Positivity is important in every aspect, as we never know when someone could use a laugh, or see the strength it takes to smile through tears. Optimism is one of the most important influential personality traits someone can obtain. Having the ability to change someone’s temperament in a matter of minutes, just by the joyful expressions we share. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Puzzle Pieces

By: Felecia Mary Snowden

 As a little girl I have always known that I wanted to grow up and get married, then have children. I am sure that I am not the only one that feels this way, because of all those times I would see friends, we would play 'house.' One would be the mommy and if there was a boy around, he was the daddy plus the baby doll (or younger sister) was the baby.

  Looking back, it amazes me to think that God puts this dream in our hearts, so that it is natural to be able to picture what it will be like to have a family! Those many hours playing with a baby doll, imagining that it is our own; feeding it, putting it to sleep, changing diapers, and cuddling as if it were crying. God gave us that natural ability to be able to care for a child, and slowly a family. As we (especially girls) grow older, we start to imagine the details within our relationships, weddings, and having children.
  God begins to prepare our hearts even as we are really young; so that we can look at our parents for examples and start to imagine our own families, like the one we grow up in. From the moment we are born, until the words; "I Do" come out of our mouths, God is preparing both hearts for each other constantly. Wither the boy is learning how to work hard and support himself or the girl being taught how to cook, clean and take care of a family. 

  Being prepared isn't only about learning things physically but also mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. Preparing emotionally, and spiritually for your future partner can be one of most important things, one can do! Being pure is one of them, not only physically but mentally, keeping everything you have thought and will think under control and completely pure. [Philippians 2:5] Just knowing that God can see every thought should be enough!
Becoming spiritually prepared is also key. Prayer- partners is one element of foundation to any relationship/marriage. Through every stage in life that one person, will be the one that you will pray with, for every situation. 

  It has always been an amazing thing to me knowing that God is preparing my future husband to deal with Felecia! All my weird quirks and habits, God is making him so that we will be able to work as one. Also the Lord is shaping me to be able to live with him and support him through anything. 

  Right now, God is shaping everyone's future spouse to fit together perfectly with  every characteristic and unique personality! So that one day when we are getting to know someone or get married the two, will fit like puzzle pieces perfectly made for each other.  


Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Courtship to some may seem 'old-fashioned', 'outdated' or to others may seem a little unethical. Sometimes I get people asking if I have a boyfriend yet or if I am dating anyone. As soon as I say that I believe in Courting, they either have that face like: "What on Earth is that?" Or ask why I believe this way, and even:  "Is it you or your parents wanting you to do it?"
You see I really don't see Courtship as an obligation but only as an opportunity to keep myself pure and holy as the Lord intended. 
As He said in 1 Timothy 4:12:
-Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.    

This is MY hope, that in all I do, I set an example for Christ, even in the little things, which means relationships. Really, in the big picture, relationships aren't just a little thing! It means spending time to get to know that one person who hopefully will be the person you spend the rest of your days with! How we go about spending time with him/her, is what defines whether its dating or courting. Courting is basically just getting to know the person with the hope of marriage. Dating in my opinion, is going out with someone, then seeing if they are compatible for another date. Hoping someday it may get serious, don't get me wrong I am not judging those who date! I am just making a point of the intentions behind both courting and dating.  
Courtship is about making sure you are pure throughout the whole relationship. Which means setting up personal boundary's for physical purity as well! My personal boundaries include:
-No hand holding until engaged. 
- Side hugs until engaged.
-Absolutely NO KISSING until the special day.
-Chaperon at all times (usually family).
Now these may seem a little strict to some, but to me they insure my physical purity both for me and my future husband. I mean if you think about this, it is actually, pretty cool to think that only my Husband will kiss me, and hold my hand! 
We also believe that Courtship should wait until you are old enough to marry. Another words courtship takes some time. So you get to know what their personalities are like, their character's (both good and bad) before the possibility of marriage. 
Hand holding may not seem like a big deal to many but to me, its a very important gesture of love between two people.
Hugs, this one is very important to me believe it or not! Hugs can be used in different circumstances; to comfort, to show excitement, to show love and of course greetings. But to me, its one thing that shows a tenderness to emotion and intimacy with the giver and receiver of the hug! Which is why I personally hold this to my heart, because of the closeness it brings to people, so side hugs are important!
Then kissing is another meaningful one! Kissing is probably the BIGGEST gestures of love anyone can give. Which is exactly why I think it important to save it for the day I will say, "I do"! I also think it is something to be exited for on your wedding day, other than marrying your best friend of course!
A chaperon is also a key while courting or sometimes before. Always having someone with the couple, will hold them accountable for every action, and if they start to cross the line unintentionally the chaperon will be there to stop and keep them pure. Usually the chaperon is a sibling of the girl or the guy, as long as it is someone they both trust and know. 
I also want to point out that, having boys or girls as friends or sometimes even best friends is perfectly alright! At times, friends of the other gender is easier and better! Trust me I know! You only have to watch out for flirtation or the other person taking your motives the wrong way. And if attractions do rise, be sure to tell someone and just keep it under control, who knows maybe that friend could be someone for the future! Not saying every girl or guy friend is a possibility just keep emotions, under control.
Another aspect to consider is guarding your heart! Emotional purity is very important because the heart sometimes can be so vulnerable, it really doesn't take much to get into the heart. It is hard especially for girls, we females always have a place in our hearts that is wanting to be loved. That is when the Father's of the family step-in to love and protect, until there is a right time, and a special man to take over. 
I also want to point out that like anything, sometimes not all courtships work out. The people may not work well together, they may have a different view of God. But there is no such thing as a failed courtship, God may not want someone to work because He wanted for you to see what you liked or didn't like in someone! Or He had a lesson that we need to learn. 
One thing that is very important is that the parents are in on every decision you make concerning relationships, and that they know all about him or her. If there is a bad characteristic it is likely the parents will tell you about it, if you don't know already. It is very important that the family is apart of the relationship, sometimes your family will pick up on things you wouldn't have!  
Everyone has their own view's on Courtship, some may not approve but for me it is a conviction that God has given to me personally, as well as my parents. Purity is very important to me which is why I believe in this so much! If you save your feelings, emotions and physical contact, that will be so much more rewarding than just temporary relationships! 
I pray everyday for my future soul-mate that  He is keeping himself for me as I am keeping my heart for him. I know that this is God's plan for me and how can I ever go wrong with that? 
The Courtship Chair
I hope that those who are reading this have a better understanding of courtship and my views on relationships! 
Lord Bless,

                             Barlow Girl-Average Girl

                         Jostie Flicks - A Single's Valentine 

Jostie Flicks - iChaperon

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Friday, February 28, 2014

We Can Trust Him

Philippians 4:19
 "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."
   Every single human being on this great big universe has desires! Admit it everyone has at least one or two things that we want or wish to do! God knows ALL the desires of our hearts! He loves to spoil us, but at times He test our faith and waits just long enough for us to trust in the Lord for all things. We trust God with our faith and our love, But why not EVERY thing else? 
Psalm 37:4-6  and he will give you the desires of your heart commit your way to the lord; trust him and he will act…. ."
   God wants us to commit everything unto Him, so that we can trust Him to do what He desires for us! The more we trust the Lord, the more God strengthens our faith. However, everyone knows that! Another thing we know is that it is very easy to trust in the things we can see, that is understandable! From time to time God gives us a nudge to see how much we trust in Him, when we do not what we are going to do from day to day! 
   As soon as we all seem to be giving up, God shows us His amazing mercy and love! For example, more than five months ago my family and I was getting very discouraged, because the Snowden life-style is not exactly easy! Growing up a Pastors daughter is not always what it looks like, on top of that having a very sick Father! So after nearly three years of not having a vacation we were wanting and needing one. It didn't have to be fancy or anything, if we could just get away for a while. However, it seemed that no matter what we did or tried there was always obstacles all around! God shut the door here, and it was too hot there, and this place was closed, etc… .  So, we were giving up 'the hopes' for a vacation. The family gathered and prayed for one last time, giving up the desire and need, completely to the Lord. That very day, God supplied SO miraculously, that the whole family had tears in their eyes at one time or another! He just wanted to show us that when He does something, He goes all the way! So the very next day we packed, made reservations and we were on our way to a two-week vacation to Florida (our favorite place, the beach)! 

   Now, I am not saying that trusting God is a ‘piece of cake,‘ but very far from it. Or that He will give us ‘things’ in return. Yet, supplying us with the strength to know that He is always there. Thus, directing our steps and showing us where and what to do. In our life style, it seems to get harder, because we have more and more to be worried about. At times, it can weigh, one down so much it is hard to even think about trusting the Lord, believe me it gets really tough!
   Living in the Hands of God is a pleasure to those who see His Hand under and all around them. Knowing then, every time He picks us up (after we have fallen or are hurting). Even through our battles and trials, the one question that needs to be asked is; "What do people see through your reactions to your situations?" 
It doesn't matter the situation, but it is the reaction that we show, for those who surround us at that time; I say, "Watch your attitude to the problem."  Though sometimes, life just will not relent from the constant battles that we are faced with everyday. That is when you sit down, take a deep breath and tell God every one of your problems big and or small! 
   To get to the point, ANY problems that we have at that moment, just give them to the Lord! He wants us to run to Him in time of need. We human being’s make things so complicated when it comes to hard situations. God made us that way so we can learn to lean on Him at all times!

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